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Welcome to my photography and personal life blog! Check in frequently to follow my adventures.

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Stand Up For Jesus

My grandpa is currently in hospice care. His nurse said he probably has anywhere from a day to a week left on earth. He is surrounded by family that loves him and there have been multiple special moments with him in his final days here on earth. I was able to celebrate my 30th birthday…

My Testimony

I am blessed to have generations of believers in my family. I’ve known Christ my whole life. I grew up in a Lutheran family attending a Lutheran church and school. I was shown Christ’s love every day with family devotions and prayers. However, some days it felt like I was just going through the motions,…


This past week I had someone tell me that I need to bulk up. The more I reflected on that comment, the more I felt infuriated. I think it’s ridiculous how much pressure is put on women to look a certain way. If I look at BMI charts, my weight is in the healthy range.…

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