Loons vs Dragons

Wednesday was Bark in the Park at the Great Lakes Loons baseball game. I don’t know about you, but I love taking dogs with me whenever I can. As soon as I heard dogs were allowed, I bought tickets for myself and my SIL. It’s been a few years since I have tried taking some photos at a baseball game so I decided to pack my Sony a9ii with my 200-600mm lens. That lens is massive for someone like me who doesn’t have much arm strength but it was necessary to get some close shots of the action from the lawn. Lighting was harsh starting out but when you are at a live game, you have no control over the lighting. I am still happy with the results since I couldn’t bring a tripod to the stadium and had to try and keep the heavy lens steady to get sharp images. I shot with a higher ISO than normal so that I could keep my shutter speed fast enough and I also kept my aperture as high as possible with my lens to blur the background as much as possible.

It was a little chilly and I spent a good portion of the game wrapped up in 2 blankets cuddling my dog to stay warm. The Loons didn’t score at all but my SIL and I won a blanket because of one of the mini games between innings. My favorite part was just seeing all the dogs. We were sitting next to the family that won the fluffiest dog in the park contest. Say hello to Boots!

Hopefully I will make it out to another Loons game with my dogs. Every Wednesday home game in 2021 is dog friendly. It is starting to feel like summer and I am loving it!

Published by Mindy Christine

Hobbyist Photographer. Follower of Christ. Step-mom of two amazing girls.

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