Swablu Community Day at Dow Gardens


Friday was Swablu Community Day in Pokémon GO. Sometimes I journey south to visit my sister and play but this month I decided to stay close to home. Dow Gardens is a beautiful 110 acre botanical garden in Midland, Michigan. There are walking paths, gardens, a greenhouse, a playground for kids, and loads of PokéStops. Although I was there to primarily catch Pokémon, I brought my camera with my 90mm macro lens along in case I felt inspired to take some pictures.

Entrance to Dow Gardens

The first hour and a half I caught 0 shiny Pokémon and was starting to feel discouraged. I decided to switch gears and take some photos. I walked past the tulips and although most of them are past their prime, I still managed to find some that were beautiful.

Tulip at Dow Gardens

I walked through the Children’s garden area and noticed that the pansies are also in season. I love how bright and vibrant the colors are!

Pansies at Dow Gardens

Some of my favorite places at Dow Gardens are the bridges. The red really pops and it’s very common to see birds and chipmunks scatter across them. It’s so peaceful and I could sit and watch the scenery for hours, taking in the beauty. I decided to sit near one of the bridges and finally managed to catch 3 shiny pokémon!

You can also see the Alden B. Dow Home & Studio from Dow Gardens. It was awarded the Paris Prize for Residential Architecture in 1937 and it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1989. Traditional Home magazine listed the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio on a 2014 list of “The 25 Best Historic Homes in America”, Great Estates: A new look at historic house museums.

Alden B. Dow Home & Studio

As I was getting ready to leave, I remembered there was one more spot that I wanted to visit. There is a small waterfall that I like to listen to and see. Even though it isn’t very big, it always amazes me. Waterfalls symbolize the process of letting go, the process of cleansing and the continuous flow of energy and life.

Waterfall at Dow Gardens

Lord, I kneel before You in humble submission and pray that in Your mercy and kindness You would help me to simply let go of all the fears and worries, problems and doubts, guilt and disappointments that seem to be filling my heart and mind so often, during the course of a day.

Fill my hurting soul with Your love and peace I pray. Fill the emptiness and pain that is tearing my life asunder. Lord, You know what is in my heart and why I am going through this time of fear and worry. Help me Lord, to take every thought captive, to hand it over to You as it rears up in my mind, and help me to replace it with thoughts and words of Scripture that tell of Your great might and wonderful power.

Lord, You have told us to think about whatever is lovely and pure and holy and good, and I pray that You would help me to turn the eyes of my heart upon Jesus and look to Him day by day. In Jesus’ name I pray,


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Hobbyist Photographer. Follower of Christ. Step-mom of two amazing girls.

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