This past week I had someone tell me that I need to bulk up. The more I reflected on that comment, the more I felt infuriated. I think it’s ridiculous how much pressure is put on women to look a certain way. If I look at BMI charts, my weight is in the healthy range.

My sister Amy is about the same height as me. She is also in the healthy range on BMI charts based on her height. She weighs about 10 lbs. more than me right now and she considers herself overweight. How is it that just a 10 lb. difference can make people comment to me about how I am too skinny and make my sister feel like she should lose weight?

It’s no wonder that women have all sorts of body image issues. Here we are, 2 individuals in the healthy weight range who are made to feel like we are either underweight or overweight. Is there such a thing as a “normal” weight or do all women feel like they fall into one of those 2 categories – skinny or fat?

How do we as a culture stop putting so much pressure on people to look a certain way and focus on making healthy life choices? Is social media to blame? In this instance, it was a face to face conversation that planted a seed of self-doubt about how I look. I regret not speaking up for myself and explaining that I feel like I am at a healthy weight for my body type. Instead, I just shrugged and smiled. I want to learn the appropriate way to navigate these uncomfortable encounters and learn how to stand up for myself and my loved ones. I am getting better but I still have a long way to go.

O God, this is a prayer for your help within my life. I desire to give myself each day the grace that comes from Christ. I do not stumble to forgive, or care for those in need, I find I love to serve and learn, and have willing hands and feet. I love all those around me and encourage them each day, In all they ever could be, I see them with heavens gaze. And yet I fear I stumble when looking at myself, I often wish that somehow I could be someone else. I criticize and scrutinize each aspect within me, And tend to find so many reasons to reject the one I see. From every aspect of my thoughts, I find that I compare Myself to others, cleverer, or more talented or fair. And once I’ve finished putting myself down in every way, I sense my spirit failing, and then lock myself away. Yet I know that if I start to place those feelings in your grace, I find I forgive my failings and give thanks for each new day. My spirit grows much lighter, I open eyes to see, The joy of being human when you stand so close to me. The journey that I travel is the adventure you began, The miracle of love and grace that I hold in my hands.

Published by Mindy Christine

Hobbyist Photographer. Follower of Christ. Step-mom of two amazing girls.

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