Great Lakes Camels vs Lake County Captains


Last Wednesday was another Bark in the Park at Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan. The weather said there was a chance for rain and it sprinkled as we packed up the car to leave but once we got to the ballpark we had beautiful weather and the rain held off.

Bark in the Park at Dow Diamond

My friend decided to bring her dog as well this week. Reya is still a puppy and is very high energy. We knew that we would be spending a good portion of the game untangling their leashes from each other so I decided to leave my big camera lens at home and go with my 70-200mm lens on my a9 body. That way I still have a considerable amount of zoom to get some pictures of the game. This week we made it our mission to win the Fluffiest Dog at the Park contest and after some carefully timed hashtag posts, we won!

Whenever I go to a baseball game, I thoroughly enjoy people watching. Thanks to Bark in the Park nights, I get to dog watch as well! There were so many adorable dogs at the game.

In case you were curious, the Camels are an alternate identity created by the Great Lakes Loons in 2018. In 2009 a video was played on the Dow Diamond videoboard of a camel braying its signature call. The video was an attempt to pump up the crowd since the Loons were down late in the game. The Loons came back to win the game and as they continued to play the video at home games, the Loons continued to win and made it to the Midwest League playoffs. On Opening Day of the 2012 season, Rall E. Camel made his debut as the official rally mascot of the Great Lakes Loons. Since 2019, the Loons play as the Camels for most of their Wednesday home games.

Although the Camels didn’t win the game, we still had a fun time and are looking forward to more summer nights at Dow Diamond this season. Masks are no longer required but I will continue to wear mine until my friend has won her battle against cancer.

Sunset at the end of the game

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